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Exim Counsel is a business law advisory firm based in India that enjoys alliances with global law firms.

Our professionals have served on key roles in major industries like Shipping, International Trade Finance, Insurance and Banking. Our legal experts are working in close co-operation with banks, government and other administrative bodies to help identify and resolve the issues concerning import-export business.

The very purpose of our services is to assist foreign clients in achieving justice through lawful means in India. We aim to leverage our expertise and local presence to help trade community in protecting their legal interests. 

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Business Litigation

Those who have ever faced the court proceedings are sure to know the reason why it tops the list of ‘Never-go’ places. However, its a different story with us. We know the law and how it works. Local acquaintances and global network are added advantages.

Commercial Debt Recovery

Recovery of outstanding bills is a big headache for any company. Challenges of limited resources, know-how and lack of professional network make things even more complicated. Let us handle your debt recovery task so that you can focus on more productive aspects of your business. 

Local Representation

Major hurdles faced by foreign companies while dealing with any issue arising out of cross-country trade are of language, distance, and access to local offices. Our team is always ready to take-up any local tasks for you. No matter how small the task is; we will always deliver our best.

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"We have time and again used their services in our export-import trade and they have proved their worth."
Bharat Dave
Director, DML Group
"EC is recommended firm in the field of litigation management. They are the professionals with ethics.
Karan Vig


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