About Us

Exim Counsel is committed to provide legal assistance to the companies which are engaged in international trade and commerce. It is our endeavor to excel the expectations of our clients in terms of transparency, approach, satisfaction, and values.

We believe in team-based approach; and take pride in our people who always apply legal acumen in understanding and resolving the issues of our clients in cross-country trade. Our people invest in understanding our clients’ organization and the challenges faced. We provide high-quality legal insight and advise the remedy in operating context.

Majority of our clients belong to the commercial world where practicality outsteps the technicalities. We provide pragmatic solutions to our clients’ legal needs. We believe that, seeking legal advice and invoking your rights must not become a cause for your own suffering. It should not only prove efficient but also inexpensive.

We aim to provide cost-effective and pragmatic solutions without compromising our clients’ interests. We have been striving to educate, guide and assist businesses to streamline their business practices with the rules prescribed by world organizations. This helps in offering uniformity, transparency and equal opportunity for all-sized businesses.

We contribute in making export-import trade more transparent and accountable by promoting global trade practices

We have successfully advised and represented our clients’ legal interests across the globe. We adhere to our professional ethics and commitment towards clients. Faith shown in us  by our clients is the highest recognition for us.

Our team of experts would always be eager to hear from you and assist preparing your case. 

So, do not hesitate to contact us.

have you been facing any legal challenge?

Yes, we have a well experienced team who has successfully completed the entire process of business registration for over 150 companies in India. We have served foreign clients to help establish and expand their business operations in India.

Yes, we provide advisory and litigation related services in India. We have a team of lawyers working with us as well as associate and partner network in different countries. We can answer your queries and provide all necessary services relating to your case.

We provide a host of intelligence services which may help your business operating smoothly in India. If you have no office or representative in India, DO NOT WORRY. We will take care of your tasks and keep you updated with the progress status.

Yes, our chartered accountants and lawyers are registered with govt. and respective professional bodies formed by the legislation. 

Yes, our team is well equipped with knowledge and experience of resolving any query, if arises. We appear and represent your case before respective authorities to find you the solution. 

Charges depend upon the type of the work and the authority with which the work lies. We only charge a very small amount to cover our admin expenses.