Who We Are

Exim Counsel is a business advisory firm that offers legal and executive support to the companies engaged in foreign trade. Shipping disputes and Commercial Debt Recovery are our forte. Through our pan-India network of associated law firms, we provide counselling and litigation support to foreign companies in India. Our local office helps Indian businesses to meet their legal needs abroad through our well-established partner network. 

We have successfully advised and represented clients on disputes pertaining to international business, banking & trade finance, marine insurance, shipping and customs.

We believe in team-based approach; and take pride in our people who are well equipped to handle international trade disputes. We invest time and resources in understanding our clients’ business and provide high-quality legal insight and remedy in operating context.

We aim to provide cost-effective and pragmatic solutions without compromising our clients’ interests. We have been striving to educate, guide and assist businesses to streamline trade practices with that of leading trade bodies. This helps in bringing uniformity, transparency and equal opportunity for all-sized businesses.

We provide a host of intelligence and local support services which help your business operating smoothly in Indian market. If you have no office or representative in India, DO NOT WORRY. We will take care of your tasks and keep you updated with the progress.

About Blog

Our business law blog is an attempt to impart the knowledge and share our experiences on international trade disputes. Our focus shall remain on minimization of the scope of disputes through identification and containment of risk elements.

In cross-border trade, issues involving shipping and trade finance give cause to majority of the disputes. After years of experience and discussions with industry people, we have identified a list of distinctive issues that are frequent to this trade. These issues would be discussed in light of legal provisions, trade rules, practices of financial institutions, courts’ approach and effectiveness of justice system.

Below topics are the points of concern for the industry and discussed in our posts for educational and informational purpose.

  • Payment default
  • Non delivery of the cargo
  • Quality complaints
  • Limited understanding of international trade finance
  • Banking rules and practices
  • Technicality of marine insurance
  • Common misconceptions relating to shipping and customs

We would be delighted to connect with more like minded people to share and discuss the topics of importance in their respective area of work.