About Us

Exim Counsel is an educational blog about international trade. 

We are a team of professionals belonging to the different walks of life including shipping and logistics, banking, finance, insurance, law, and international business. 

Those who belong to this field are very much aware of the issues arising out of the technicality, complexity, procedural & administrative hurdles, trade risks, payment insecurity, and other such risks before the successful completion of a transaction. 

Our primary and sole motive is to share our experience and knowledge with the trading community who are otherwise less likely to enjoy professional insight to the very important and perhaps the deciding factors like contract drafting, procedural awareness, risk management, contractual and legislative rights, judicial framework and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Through the articles, we would try to touch upon the issues and discuss the remedies which are generally not available in details online. You may also contact us if, any queries related to international trade. 

You can also be a part and contribute to this initiative by –

  • Producing an article which you believe could help our community;
  • Commenting on the articles;
  • Forwarding the articles and information contained herein to someone who you think could find it useful;
  • Writing to us about your query on specific topic which you want us to put an article on;
  • Bringing to our notice, if any irregularity or issue with our site or any content therein.  

Please write to us at – eximcounsel@gmail.com

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