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Legal Rights of an Unpaid Seller in India

Have you ever wondered what rights do you have as an unpaid seller if your buyer defaults on payment? While we can not accurately estimate your pain if your buyer chooses not to pay, we do know that knowing your legal rights can certainly save you from going out of business. Non-payment is an unfortunate reality that many sellers face at some point in their business life. Due to insufficient information, sellers often need professional help to protect their goods and money when buyers fail to make payments. Awareness of the rights of an unpaid seller needs to be raised in the trade community. Let's explore the "rights of an unpaid seller" within the framework of the Indian legal system. Meaning of an Unpaid Seller An unpaid seller refers to a seller who hasn't received full payment for the goods he sold. The Indian Sale of Goods Act, 1930 (referred to as the "Act") provides a detailed legal definition for the term "unpaid seller" in Section 45 . T